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Farm As Muse?

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

20 years ago I did a sketch of the Gamble Farm for the family. I was told that it held special memories as the grandchildren had spent quite a few summers there.

Now adults and the grandparents passed on, they wanted a special piece to honor their past.

Having recently had a show they were given my name and met me at my studio to see what we could agree upon. The farm had a simple elegance that I had admired as I had passed it many times on the highway.

I went to work and produced the drawing shown here. Not a great photo but you get the idea. Soon I was approached again to do another which I gladly did. A year later I was approached by another family member and produced another piece. Unfortunately, I wasn’t great at cataloging my work then, so I have no photos to show but I do have the receipt record🙂

Fast forward to 2020. I received a call asking if I could produce two more works. I am of course flattered, but ask if we can spin it a bit different this time and make it an oil painting? We agreed that would work and the Gamble Farm lives again. I changed up the two paintings so they would have their own separate identities.

Upon completion I sent an email to my original patron, she liked the oil and would like to have a companion piece to the drawing!

The Gamble Farm has become my muse.

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You are so talented! All the Gamble grandchildren live out of town and having a painting of the farm brings back wonderful memories and a little piece of Shenandoah to Atlanta, Birmingham, Montgomery, Chicago and Council Bluffs.

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