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SF Skyline

San Francisco Bay Bridge, from Taylor and Broadway Oil on Canvas panel 11 x 18 $250

Fort Madison

Fort Madison Saturday Morning Oil on canvas panel 11 x 14 $200

Boys Town Farm #3

Boys Town Farm #3 18 x 24 Oil on Canvas Pad (Part of Boys Town Farm Series) $350


Fall 18 x 24.Oil, Oil Stick on Pasteboard For Sale $300


Alemany and Tingley Oil bar on paper $200

Artist as a boy

NFS Example of work done from old photo. Oil bar on paper Show me your old Black and White photos and this is what we can do!

Elkhorn River Valley

Plein Aire work. Elkhorn River Valley Oil on canvas board. For Sale (presently entered in a show)

SF,280 and 10

SF, 280 and 101 cityscape Oil bar on paper For Sale (presently entered in a show)

Figure Work

Figure work. Oil bar on paper. Female nude 9 x 12 Image Size $200

Murdoch Road

Murdoch Road landscape Oil on Canvas 12x18 $200

The Sentinel

The Sentinel Watercolor sticks, charcoal and china marker on paper Still life, Cityscape 17x26 $300


156th Street Bridge/ Papio Bike Trail Landscape Oil on canvas 18x24 $250


Louisville Nebraska view from the Blue Heron Landscape Oil bars on paper 17x26 $450


California Sunlight Oil on canvas pad Still life, Cityscape 18 x 24 $400


Contact Jeff for more info and pricing

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